Whether Parma ham from Italy, champagne from France or feta from Greece – many products are directly linked to a specific region, recipe tradition and ingredients. Their origin makes them unique in the world. In 1992, the EU recognised that such regionally specific products were something very special, that they had to be preserved as originals and that they had to be protected from imitation.

More than 1,300 regional specialities already bear the EU origin mark. Italy, France and Greece are the leaders in the protection of origin, closely followed by Germany: 80 culinary originals – 30 of them from Bavaria alone – can be recognised worldwide by the EU origin mark.

3-star-chef Christian Jürgens supports the WeltGenussErbe Bayern as a “supporter”. Using a few selected delicacies from Bavaria, this EU information offensive explains how EU origin protection works, what the EU origin marks “Protected Geographical Indication” and “Protected Designation of Origin” guarantee consumers and how they protect producers and growers.

For Christian Jürgens EU origin protection is a delectable issue of the heart: “In Bavaria the culinary cornucopia is richly filled with specialities. I am delighted to be able to support our Bavarian-based producers of these high-quality and extremely tasty products as a true “supporter” of Bavaria’s world heritage of enjoyment”.

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