What does chef Christian Jürgens stand for?

“My guests are looking for new experiences. They’re looking for something special. That is their elementary need when they visit us. We must never forget that. They have extremely high expectations for which they pay a decent price. Anything other than the extraordinary would be a disappointment. So my team and I will work with all our skills to amaze our guests again and again. That’s the promise we make to them.”

How would you characterize your style? What is important to you?

“To cultivate maximum quality and maximum taste and a permanent element of surprise, that is my concern. This must be expressed in every single one of my dishes, as well as in the composition of my menus.”

Do you have such a thing as a philosophical approach? If so, what is it?

“That’s the ying and yang of life. It’s always a question of perspective. It’s a question of which side you’re on. For example, you can describe football as useless “running around” after a ball or as a playing field for top performances, joy and passion. Similarly, food is just a basic human need for some, but for me it is a personal expression of perfection, enjoyment and aesthetics”.

Cooking is art, cooking is hard work!
How do you bring these contrary perspectives together?

“To be able to cook at a top international level and to develop cooking into an art form, you naturally need a certain amount of talent. But first and foremost, you need the dedication and discipline to get the most out of that little bit of talent you’ve been given. And that’s hard work. Those who don’t give it 100% will not be successful in the long run. That is why my motto is “quality is never coincidence”. It is always the result of high goals, sincere efforts, an intelligent approach and skilful execution”.

So there are moments when cooking becomes real work for you?

“The question should be: Are there moments when cooking isn’t real work?”

When are you satisfied?

“When guests leave my restaurant and say ‘wow, that really blew me away, I’ve never eaten like that before’. Then I know I have fulfilled my mission.”

Do you still have professional dreams and goals?

“The third star is the main goal for many. For me, it’s more like the shot of a starting gun. I would like to lead the world of gastronomy to new paths and generate interest again for the next generation. I’m an advocate of performance-related pay, better working hours, opportunities to participate in “normal” social life and still be able to work at the highest level.”



Born on 6 November 1968 in Unna, Germany

1984 Start of cooking apprenticeship in Bad Homburg, Germany
1988 Feinkost Käfer, Munich, Germany
1990 Tantris, Heinz Winkler, Munich, Germany
1991 Residence Heinz Winkler, Heinz Winkler, Aschau, Germany
1992 Jörg Müller, Jörg Müller, Sylt, Germany
1993 Aubergine, Eckart Witzigmann, Munich, Germany
1994 Residence Heinz Winkler, Heinz Winkler, Aschau, Germany
1997 Am Marstall, Munich, Germany – gastronomic management of the restaurant
2001 Kastell im Hotel Burg Wernberg, Wernberg-Köblitz – culinary management of all gastronomic outlets
2008-today Überfahrt am Tegernsee, Seehotel Überfahrt, Rottach-Egern – gastronomic management and management of the restaurant